Air-Cooled Porsche 911 Bargains

High-end low mileage, one-owner 911s, with great specs are still in demand. However, the rest of the market is less enthusiastic.

You have to buy the best that you can, when it comes to buying a classic and this is certainly the mantra when looking for an air-cooled 911. Sure, the top money is always going to be with the top spec, low miles and low owner cars, that are out there. Prices for average 911s aren’t catching and reeling in the buyers.

The pick of the bunch also includes cars with excellent history. That history stays with a car and will also ultimately impact on your own sale, should you come to sell.

Of the air-cooled 911s, 1970 and 1980s cars are relatively plentiful. Low-number models, such as 911SCs, in ‘Condition 1’, have been quicker to shift into new ownership and people still want the mid-1970s 911s with remnants of chrome trim and detailing, if the price is reasonable. Turbocharged 911s have fallen short in the desirability stakes, with a few cars at some US auctions falling short of estimates.

Since the end of 2017 air-cooled 911s have been changing hands less often and at lower levels. A year on, perhaps even Trump’s taxation, Brexit and the world’s global economic stability are also due to play with ALL values of collectable classic cars. The market for the many forms of 911 is unpredictable. Average prices for air cooled 911s range from £50,000 to £180,000, with continual and epic exceptions to the rule. Pre-impact bumper models remain desirable. High and inflated prices in the last couple of years have generally come to rest, with some speculators still out there, making each car for sale a conundrum.

Generally speaking any left hooker is going to be 25% less than right hand drive. Targa’s, once unloved, has seen a rise with the market but would still be worth 10% less than the coupe. Sparkomatics will normally fetch 20% less than a manual box. ‘T’’s are seeing values at 25-40% less than an ‘S’. ‘E’ models are in the middle of that. Since 1995, 911S models have risen 280% and the 911E up 575% in value.

Recent spots of 911s for sale include a heavily modified 1973 911T 2.7 for £70,000, a very original 911S LHD Sparkomatic for £170,000 and a 1973 911 2.7 RS at £525,000.

A recent Brightwells auction saw a tidy but unloved 1986 Carrera Targa and a 1993 964 Carrera 2 Cabriolet unsold at auction, and similar cars having a sale agreed at around £25,000. These are the bargains, with pre-impact models at a premium alongside the rare low-production-number models.

If you have the money and want your car restored to factory specifications, maybe give Porsche a call. The specialists at the Porsche Classic Workshop in Freiberg am Neckar, can carry out partial of a full restoration; “It can take up to 2 years to restore cars back to perfection,” says the Porsche Classic division.




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