Estimate £40,000 - £50,000. This car was built to celebrate the 11 races that eventually took Lotus Racing to victory of the British GT Championship in 1994. This car is Number 9 of 11





This special car was built to celebrate Lotus winning 11 races in the British GT Championship hence there being just 11 cars, ever. This car is badged up as number 9 of the 11 and it has been kept in great condition and covered just 37035 miles in 23 years. This car would make a great addition to someone’s collection given the way it has been looked after and it has all the history to back that up. It even has a very interesting story that can be looked up on the internet about its first owner and engineer who looked after the car in France.

When you look at the rear of this car you would consider it to be a more modern Lotus Esprit with that different curved rear wing. This model was actually the launch for the newly designed wing which was brought out eventually on the later Esprit S4S and 300 models.

To separate the GT Championship Winner edition from the rest, Lotus gave the car a distinct colour scheme, so the 11 cars are all painted in Metallic Racing Green with the Yellow centre 5 spoke alloys and a red trim steering wheel like the cars Lotus raced in the 1960’s. You will also notice the small GT Championship crest on either side.

This car runs the 2.2 litre 264bhp charge cooled turbo 910 engine that was originally brought into the Turbo SE in 1989 and was fitted to 4cyl Esprit’s until the late 90’s. Lotus put a lot of their racing knowledge into this engine to ensure that it was capable and reliable when asked to produce full boost, this included sodium filled exhaust valves for better heat transfer and an oil slave pump to pick the oil from the bottom of the engine and reduce surging when the car went quickly round corners. This was linked to a Renault derived gearbox which was also used in the Alpine sports car. In 1996 this car was capable of deploying a 0-60 time of just 4.7 seconds and went onto 163mph, this was Porsche 911 territory.

This car has a lovely bespoke interior, the bucket seats ensure you are firmly planted in the car and the Alcantara bolsters ensure you stay firmly in place. There is also the high centre console which separates driver and passenger making it feel almost like you are in a cockpit of your own. The clutch feel is heavy and selecting gears feels really mechanical and purposeful. There is also a new up to date radio fitted with the original unit stored in the boot.

Having covered just 37,035 miles this car is barely showing any signs of age, its quite difficult to get in and out of such a low car and you may expect to see some wear on bolsters, however as you can see the driver’s seat still looks very tidy.

The dashboard is wrapped in leather and shows no signs of fade or marks. The main dials are definitely on the small side for some. Although when you get stopped for speeding you can use the excuse of “I can’t see the speedo”.

The car is very definitely a 2-seater as most Lotus cars of the 90’s would have been.

The front boot space is probably larger than you would imagine, you could pop into the shops on the way home and not have to worry were you are going to put things. Your only struggle will be finding and operating the release handle which sits folded away above the driver’s right knee and flips down to unlock.




  • #239
  • SCC082910RHA61549
  • Bradford
  • Lotus
  • Esprit 
  • 37035 Miles
  • 2174cc
  • RWD
  • Manual
  • 264
  • Right
  • 2018-05-01
  • British


United Kingdom

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