Estimate £13,000 - £16,000. There cannot be many of these rare little Fiestas left. Much rarer than the Mk1 Fiesta based XR2, this was the predecessor to that model and launched in order to test the water for a sporty supermini from Ford.

There cannot be many of these rare little Fiestas left. Much rarer than the Mk1 Fiesta based XR2, this was the predecessor to that model and launched in order to test the water for a sporty supermini from Ford. To make them stand out there was a choice of four colours, all with contrasting red black or grey striping. Sunburst Red, Diamond White, black or Strato Silver were available along with a few option packs. This car is in the iconic Supersport colour, Sunburst Red

Sure, to be a future classic and certain to be the next of the 1970s Fords to skyrocket in value in the coming years. The body of this example is described as excellent having been subject to a full restoration in 2011. There are over 120 photo's on file of the restoration. The car still retains it's original shell, however, much has been replaced or restored. The car has had all new floor pans, wings and rear quarters. Many hard to find original Ford panels where sourced. The body was stripped entirely and all new panels welded in place after the shell was media blasted. All genuine Supersports have a different rear valance panel under the bumper. Due to the larger spare wheel, there is a slight bulge in the valance panel, in order to accommodate it. If it’s not there then it’s either been replaced or it didn’t start life as a Supersport.

In the summer of 1980, Ford needed to reply to the likes of the VW Golf GTi, if a little late, with their ‘world car’ family hatchback. To test the waters for a sporty version of one of its mainstream models, Ford took the UK’s Mk1 Fiesta 1300S and gave it a sporty makeover, with body stripes, Ghia model seats with headrests and with a fabric referred to as ‘Carla’, uprated suspension, 6 inch ‘RS’ sports alloy wheels, wheel arch extensions and front and rear spoiler. It had looks, a bit of ‘go’ and decent 40 MPG. 0-60 was a 12 second trip, with a top speed of about 95 MPH.

Only 3000 were produced before Ford got serious and it was outgunned by the replacement Mk1 Fiesta XR2 with a 1.6 litre engine, in December 1981. However, it was exclusive then and remains so today. The engine bay has also been painted as part of the restoration in 2011 and is as it should be. As part of the restoration the engine was removed and cleaned up & painted. You don’t want a Kent engine to rattle and protest, so this car’s engine is running very quietly with no tappeting or smoke. The engine itself is running very quiet with no smoke.

The interior of this Supersport is in excellent condition. The rear of the car retains the original back seats, which are in excellent condition. An AM radio, clock, grab handle and cigarette lighter added to the list of attractive 1980s features.

The Recaro front seats re-trimmed in the iconic Supersport ‘Clara’ cloth.

All gauges and illuminated switchgear are in working order and even the upgraded mono radio/stereo cassette player as part of the optional Executive Pack remains fitted and functional.

Although the front seats have been re-trimmed, the rear seats have been kept original and are in very good condition. A 1980's rear window decal has been retained. They were common accessories in the 1980s and are period correct.

Brakes were diagonal dual circuit servo assisted, front disc and rear drums. Steering is rack and pinion. Suspension at the front is MacPherson struts coil springs and integral shock absorbers, with an anti-roll bar. The rear suspension was made up of coil springs, beam axle with Panhard rod, trailing arms and anti-roll bar. There is a collection of invoices and receipts that are a testament to the work carried out on the vehicle, as well as invoices, old MOTs, tax discs and photographs.




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  • Liverpool
  • Ford
  • 81295 Miles
  • 1297cc
  • FWD
  • Manual
  • 89
  • Right
  • 2018-09-01
  • British


United Kingdom

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