The Mini 1275GT was built simply to make the performance of the Cooper S accessible to the middle-class enthusiast. With the demise of the Cooper S in 1971 the GT became the flagship performance model of the range for nearly 25 years. Built on the clubman body shape these cars were made distinguishable by its GT inspired interior and 1275GT stripes depicted on both side.





This well cared for example is owned by a renowned Mini collector based in the northwest and as you can already see, it is in near perfect condition. This car was registered on 14/08/1978 and is one of only 20 remaining cars made in that year. 1275GT’s are few and far between now and becoming increasingly collectable.

This car has been repainted in white with a black roof matching black stripes and arches finish it off nicely. The owner also states the shell is original with all tags present and has been rebuilt and restored approximately 7 years ago. The body panels and chassis plates are also original, something you don’t often hear of.

As you can already see this car’s stance looks very purposeful with upgraded minilite 5J x 12” alloys and Yokohama tyres sitting neatly tucked away under those flared arches. It’s no surprise to tell you that as we now begin to look at what is on the inside this is one GT you’ll want to own.

It’s not often these days you find fast Mini’s with untouched engines and neither has this one. The block is bored out to 1380cc with a new 1275 spi balanced and heat-treated crankshaft, centre main strap with Powermax pistons. Ensuring power is easily accessible the car has a Swiftune SW5 camshaft. Another popular modification is the MK3 Cooper S 11 stud head 12G1805 with bigger valves, and feeding the engine is the reliable HIFF44 1.75” carburettor with a water heated inlet manifold. This all exits through a full Maniflow manifold and exhaust system. The car makes a reliable 80bhp to the wheels rolling-road tuned by the well renowned A B Garages in Hawarden. The gearbox has been rebuilt using a close ratio setup with a new clutch and orange diaphragm to be able to handle that extra power. The suspension and brakes have been upgraded to handle the power increase, with grooved and vented 8.5” disc brakes at the front with Mini Sport alloy 4 pot calipers and braided hoses. The rear brakes have a new full assembly Mintex pads with Minifin alloy drums. A fast road spring coil kit has been fitted to the car removing that annoying bounce Mini’s suffer from with adjustable hi-lo’s and adjustable GAZ dampers all round. The front suspension has -1.5 degrees negative camber, front lower arms and adjustable front tie rods.

It has to be said this 1275GT has a very special interior, starting with the red Safety Devices roll cage, it is good knowing that when you go for a spirited drive the car has that extra rigidity and clearance, this is bolted in so should you feel the need to remove it to fit passengers in the back it is easily done.

The current owner has installed a lovely set of Microcell seats with matching rear bench, these seats were more likely to be found in period modified GT’s and Cooper S’s, but they really set the interior off in the car. They are an expensive interior modification as they are very hard to find especially with the basket weave centre, something the early GT’s had. I told you this car is special!

This car is complete, it has everything 1275GT! The aficionados amongst us will be able to tell the leather-bound steering wheel is correct and the car also has its correct period clocks.

The rear seat is an early 1275GT item with the basket weave centre it’s almost a matching rear Microcell item to be fair, it looks almost too good to sit on.

The great thing is everything on this car has been kept as is or made better, I honestly couldn’t imagine that the perspective owner of this car would be in the slightest bit disappointed. This is a well sorted 1275 GT. All modifications were made to improve the driving experience and it offers a spirited and balanced drive and can be used daily if required. The car is MOT’d with no advisories and historic tax in 2019. A great opportunity to own an appreciating asset and increasingly collectable 70’s icon.




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  • 2019-01-01
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