Here is a chance not to be missed, a Porsche 911- 993 model Carrera 2 with special factory options. The 993 is the last air-cooled 911, and a lot of the purist say it’s one of the best generation 911 model. Offering a combination of old-school feel and modern usability that isn't found in many other cars. Hence why the 993 prices are stable and strong. The Porsche 993 is the internal designation for the Porsche 911 model manufactured and sold between January 1994 and early 1998 replacing the previous 911- 964. Yes the production of this model lasted 4 years. During this model production, Porsche ran into difficult times. The 1980s boom was over and the company's saving grace, the Boxster, was still a few years away. Luckily, the 993 was an excellent car and more than capable of holding its own against rivals like the Honda NSX. If the 993 had been below par, the history of Porsche might have been very different.


The Porsche we present here at Norman’s Pond is a 993 in Arena Red Metallic, probably the most iconic colour way besides the popular Silver and Blacks. Arena red was the poster launch car for the Porsche 993 Turbo. At first glance you probably think it was a 993 Turbo, well almost!! This car is fitted with lots of expensive options such as a Porsche Tequipment Aerokit, consisting of the additional front lip spoiler, the additional 3rd brake light spoiler, the rear ‘tea tray’ spoiler and of course from factory the 18” Turbo Technology wheels. The colour certainly pops in sunlight, a metallic colour that highlights the contours of the car so well. The bodywork is in excellent condition for its age with slight honest minimal patina-stone chips on the front bumper. All the seals and rubbers are fair with slight microblister on the edging of passenger wing but minor concern.

From the rear the cars lines are exuberated by that deep colour, the different angles the sun catch totally reveal that colour. The present owner modified the dark tint on the rear light lens, but new rear side lights will be supplied with the car. The external design of the Porsche 993, penned by English designer Tony Hatter, retained the basic body shell architecture of the 964 and other earlier 911 models, but with revised exterior panels, with much more flared wheel arches, a smoother front and rear bumper design, an enlarged retractable rear wing and teardrop mirrors.

The classic Carrera shape remains; the car has a massive bloodline which continues right in today’s new 992 model. At the time it again was a massive advance on the previous more popular 964 model, speak to most the 993 is the most popular choice.

Yes, the 993 is the last air-cooled 911. It is one of the most purists, the story of the 911 aircooled engine ends here. Let's not be too extreme here but let's just say that the 3.6 flat-six (3.8 for the RS) is one of the best engines ever made. We love the mechanical noises, the exhaust note and how high it revvs. It truly comes alive when you push it to the limit and will procure emotions like not many other cars. Technically, the 993's air-cooled engine is less efficient and pollutes more. But the engine noise is nicer, and the 993 also proved to be more reliable than the watercooled cars if not some early 996's. The 3.6 litre flat six VarioRam unit producing 285bhp a little bit more than the earlier cars 272bhp. This is put through a tiptronic gearbox, still able to provide a thrilling drive when needed. Porsche claimed sub 5’s to 60mph and a little over the 12 second mark to 100mph which is not slow by any means of the word, top speed entered the 170mph range. Porsche’s VarioRam induction system was designed to improve low to mid-range torque by optimising airflow at different rpms. VarioRam adds a second, upper throttle body that flows through to a central plenum. From this central plenum, six vacuum-operated induction runners are mounted. Whereas the previous M64/05 engine made use of a single throttle body, VarioRam engines enjoy around 20 per cent more torque at 5,000rpm than non-VarioRam units. It was equipped with the naturally aspirated 3.6 liter M64 engine, further developed from the 964, and combined with a new dual-flow exhaust system now incorporating two catalytic converters. The 993 was also the first 911 to receive a six speed transmission. But it’s just as precise as you’d expect a 911 to be, with direct power steering and decent brakes and plenty of oversteer potential if you press on… just remember it’s a bit short electronic stability aids. This is not PDK, you need to work to get the emotions. Yes, the 993 offers "classic" features but you can really drive it like a modern car. I know some people that drive 993's everyday as it's fairly practical and easy to drive even in cities. Things that you couldn't do on a daily basis with a 60's 911 for instance. In the end, the 993 offers this classic look and feel mixed with modern driveability. The perfect cocktail?

It’s smaller than the current model, and you feel that in its compact cabin. The windshield is just couples of inches close to your nose and there is barely anything in there. You got your gear lever, a few buttons and the steering wheel. No fuss. Everything that you expect is here. Obviously, you don't get the extra luxuries or latest technologies you might find in the newer 911's, but that's the whole point! There is nothing to distract you from the road. That promises a great driving experience. The classic feel continues when you drive it. For a car of its age the grey interior has aged well, the leather on the Sport seats are in good condition. The Sport seats are an expensive option at the time with more shoulder cushion, very striking and distinctive detail with the hard shell back. The shag pile carpets remain fresh with little wear on the pile.

The driver’s seat has held up well over the years, it not hard to find cars that have bolsters that are beginning to wear or show signs.

The dashboard remains in great condition, no signs of cracking or drying out in the leather. Oh, the owner still saved the period onboard telephone which will come with the car.

The rear seats look barely used, these cars really are a 2 seater.

The boot is in very clean condition with the accompanying spare space saver wheel and tools below the carpet. Like most Porsches, the 993 is relatively affordable to run and maintain compared with a Ferrari or Lamborghini of a similar vintage. The supply of spare parts is good and there are many independent specialists who can maintain the cars for a reasonable price. Peter Bedford, director of Surrey-based Porsche specialists GT One, says that a minor service for a 993 costs around £400, with a major service (due every other year) costing £800. Given the car’s classic status, insurance costs are modest, especially if you limit your mileage. Like most Porsches, the 993 is relatively affordable to run and maintain compared with a Ferrari or Lamborghini of a similar vintage. The supply of spare parts is good and there are many independent specialists who can maintain the cars for a reasonable price. Given the car’s classic status, insurance costs are modest, especially if you limit your mileage. Norman’s Pond has special 15% discount rates too with Classicline insurance. As mentioned above, the 993 is the last air-cooled 911. And some kind of air-cooled bubble started a few years ago making these cars very valuable on the second-hand market. Prices have doubled and as we will see less and less of these cars on the road, we can expect prices to keep on going up. Which makes it a good investment. Obviously, you should have bought one five years ago, but as time flies, this car will soon become a true classic. And, you know what happens to most classics? Prices usually rise.




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