If you look at Wikipedia the list of names to own a Mercedes 600 nicknamed the “Grosser” (in German means grand or big) is pretty extensive to say the least. The sort of car that only the wealthiest, evil powerful dictators would be chauffeured around.  It ranges from famous celebrities like Coco Chanel and Elvis Presley to the likes of Chairman Mao , Saddam Hussein, even The Pope.​​​​​​​

Here we have a 1965 Mercedes Benz 600 SWB (W100) one of the most iconic limousine today. This very rare and original right hand drive car finished in federal black with blue interior. 

Grosser it certainly is, the car is absolutely full of grandeur, technology, the pinnacle of all finest ultra-luxury cars to battle with Rolls Royce. Even the badges were designed bigger with the proportion of the car. The car has been well cared for all its life with no expense spared.  Presently owned a massive Mercedes enthusiast whom restored many previous show condition rare Mercedes models. All the rubber door seals have been replaced with new genuine Mercedes parts, totally rust free with excellent bodywork and hydraulics.  The chrome work is in excellent shining condition with little pitting on the door handles.

First built in 1963, the Mercedes Grosser came in two variants at the beginning with a SWB and LWB. Believe it or not, here at Norman’s Pond we present this SWB model, It is a whopping 5.45m (215 inches) which is still massive to today’s standards. It was also very wide, at nearly 2m wide. (77 inches). Note the LWB Pullman was the extra-long version (4 or 6 door) plus the amazing Landaulet  available with a 3/4 or 1/2 convertible roof. You could say the modern version of the Maybach and longer than your Rolls Royce Ghost (SWB). The car wears factory steel wheels and equipped with polished body-coloured covers. The tyres are fresh 235/70/15 Avon Turbosteel 70 all round.

Under the long bonnet purrs a Mercedes M100 6.3litre V8 producing a total of 300bhp although only 250bhp actually drove the car. The other 50bhp drove this cars party pieces, the complex hydraulic system. The car shows 108k miles on the mileometer clock. The hydraulics run throughout the whole car at a mind-boggling 2176psi. Many of the interior amenities for the 600 are controlled with the “comfort hydraulic” system, which utilizes an engine-powered hydraulic pump to actuate a series of lifters and cables to control the windows (not Electric), doors, tailgate boot lid, and adjustable front and rear seats.  The technology on the car was way ahead of its time and blew away all opposing luxury manufacturers. Underneath is like new and in the last few years over 30k spent on renewal of air suspension bags, all air valves along with new wishbones and shocks plus thousands recently spent with Wolfgang Will in Germany on keeping hydraulics in top order.  The hydraulic system is surprisingly reliable if properly maintained and its operations are magically quiet.

Grand exterior, Grand mechanics, Grand interior. You wouldn’t expect anything less on the inside. This car is filled with many luxury amenities, with dark blue leather throughout, with a matching blue carpet. 

The driver’s seat firm, bouncy and very comfortable.  The blue leather shows little sign of wear. Notice perforated centers seats now a signature of Mercedes seats of today.

The original walnut wood still remains beautiful and unfaded, with surrounding leather and Art Deco like black and chrome trims. Every switch and gauge in working order like a Swiss mechanical watch. 

The rear blue leather seat remains unrestored, it is immaculate and wearing well for its age, a car made to be chauffeured around in. There is no head rest for the driver only rear passengers. extremely comfortable with powered adjustable seats and foot rest. Please note the extra small piece of adjustable glass acting as a wind deflector on the passenger, lots of detail to mention.

As you would expect with such as big car, the boot is large to say the least, even with the spare wheel located on the right side of the boot. Again hydraulically operated the boot/tailgate lid cannot close manually, all with a press of a button, but be warned just like the powered windows, step back when closing as it could trap or chop your hand off!! Overall a fabulous investment opportunity to purchase a well sorted example!!




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