One of the great things about running an auction website is curating the most interesting of cars and viewing such collections, legendary cars we unravelled or never really seen to most of the public eye. We are so happy to present to the whole world wide web a very special car, an ex ‘Hugo Boss’ owned Volkswagen Golf G60 Limited Edition. 

Its previous registered keeper was Stefano Marzotto whose company owns Hugo Boss; with this vehicle being since referred to as “The Hugo Boss Limited”. 
Having disappeared for a number of years, this Limited resurfaced and was shipped to the UK in around 2005/6. The present owner then took ownership in 2007 as the first UK registered keeper. The car was cherished as part of an extensive Volkswagen collection since.

Forget the rare Golf Edition1 & rallye 8-valve G60, the Ottenger golfs, this car is much more rare than any other Golf and regarded to the Volkswagen enthusiasts as the holy grail of watercooled VWs. The car we have here is number 16 of the 71 cars ever made. This is an extremely rare edition of the Golf Mk2 as there were only 71 of the Golf G60 Limited models made by Volkswagen.

It looks like any other Golf MK2 but that’s where the similarities end. This golf was not based on the GTI but a model they called the Rallye, this model also included all of the highline options available on the Rallye at the time. Except this car didn’t have the extended boxed arch rally wings and quarter, nor the squared headlamp grill. In fact it was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The only giveaway was the subtle single headlamp grill with the distinctive blue trim and Volkswagen Motorsport badge.

What makes this 5 door Mk2 so desirable? Was it the fact that a certain group of guys at the VW Motorsport division was bored and wanted to raid the parts bin and create a driver’s car with a special engine? For the most part the Golf Limited was built around a 5-door version because of the strength of the 5-door chassis (meaning more angles), but later on 2 and 3 door models were built. On the outside of the car it featured a BBS RM012 wheels in 6.5Jx15″, US bumpers, a plain two-headlight grille with a unique blue detail, and a VW Motorsport logo, black VW logo, Hella tinted taillights, motorsport badges and a special numbered plaque.

This model had a special 16-valve G60 supercharged version instead of the usual 8-valve engine, mated to a 5-speed sports transmission and Syncro four-wheel drive mechanism. In 1989 the Golf Limited cost in the region of 68,500 each and were mainly sold to VAG (Volkswagen Group) executives and management. The Golf Limited was the most powerful VW Golf ever made as it produced 210 PS (154 kW; 207 hp) 252 N⋅m (186 lb⋅ft) and accelerated from 0–100 km/h (0-62 mph) in 6.4 seconds. But it has now been replaced as the most powerful VW Golf by the release of Mk4 R32 with 241 PS (177 kW; 238 hp) in 2003 and more currently the 306bhp MK7.5 Golf R. The car now capable of a much higher top speed than the regular GTI.

As mentioned the interior includes all the high-line options that were available at the time which includes full leather interior with both heated and height adjustable seats, 4 electric windows, electric headed mirrors, ABS, power steering and sunroof.

The car has been kept in what can only be described as collector’s condition. The seats were recovered recently in the correct Nappa leather.

The dash is the classic MK2 Golf dash and everything is in working order as expected by our OCD collector.

For a 30 year old highline option cladded in full leather, the rear seats have been retrimmed too, all period correct as shown on the pictures. Also the owner has retained the original leather rear seats with the sale of the car.

The boot is usual Mk2 with a higher floor tunnel with everything intact ie spare wheel, jack etc, looking at the rear carpet and parcel shelf again with little use. During the owner’s custodianship, he has endeavoured to keep the car as original as possible. This example has been cherished regardless of cost since being in his possession and has wanted for nothing. If you know much about the Limited and the recent one sold or for sale, you will understand the level of condition and originality of the car. Being 30 years old and having spent the first half of its life in Italy, it was noticed there were several small paint corrections previously carried out which weren’t to the owners Satisfaction. Therefore, in 2008 a full bodywork paint restoration was carried out. This entailed a full respray in the original Graphite Grey Metallic paint and included the replacement of some of the exterior trim pieces with NOS OEM parts, namely the wheel arches and rear bumper, including all exterior decals. These were replaced with new original parts and has since being meticulously maintained throughout. 10+ years on the paintwork still looks great. The original 15” BBS RM alloy rims received a full overhaul, including baskets powder coated, new seals, dishes polished, and new bolts fitted. There is an extensive file of paperwork, service documents and receipts for all work carried out during the present owner’s custodianship. Prior to present ownership, there were signs the engine had been fitted with some upgrades, including R1 supercharger. Recent top end rebuild of the power plant. This included Stage Three head (as original showed signs of cracking) and upgraded Shrick Camshafts to match with the R1 Charger (original camshafts come with the sale of the car). Bespoke full stainless-steel exhaust system fabricated and then the engine professionally mapped to compliment all upgrade works carried out. (Original Exhaust was perished beyond acceptable level of wear) Having been in dry storage for 12+ years and having not been out for the last 5 years, in October 2017 more recent recommission work to the Limited including full documented works on all mechanical components from engine to suspension at a cost of £1335.60 The vehicle registration number E16 LTD (The number referring to the Limited No.) May included in the sale of the car. A true collectable piece that is hard to find. For serious offer and viewing please email us on




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