You know what they say about good things come in small packages.  This is an opportunity to own a genuine little piece of Italy. Here at Norman’s Pond we present a extraordinary fine example of an original little Fiat 500 N that was manufactured at the Fiat facility in Torino during 1960.

Can you believe the car was previously owned by 6 Italian owners, all recorded with Italian history. Today the 500 is presently owned by a Italian restauranteur, who imported the car over from Italy to keep but due to unforeseen circumstances this cheeky number has to find a new home. All paperwork to prove import and certificates.

As some may know the 500 was regarded as the first ever inexpensive car designed for city and at just 9ft 9inches long it certainly was smaller compared to even todays modern city car such as a Mercedes Smart car!

The Fiat 500 N or N for Nuova is the second generation of the 500. It was launched as the successor to the 500 Topolino and was built from 1957 to 1975. The Topolino was one of the smallest cars in the world at the time of its production but the second generation 500 was even smaller!!

The early cars came with suicide doors, windows that were fixed and fabric convertible roof and no rear seats. The car you we have here is a much later 1968 model with some revisions to the earlier cars. The car is very presentable, this 500 body was restored in Italy before it came to the UK. We love the simple design with the rear engine air-cooled car with a super short wheelbase and an all-up kerb weight of less than 500kg, who comes up with these ideas?? Designer Dante Giacosa was a visionary already with the Topolino to his name. His brief called for a car less than 10ft
in length yet in which four people could squeeze. His answer was a
 car with monocoque construction, independent rear suspension and aluminium air-cooled engine in
 the back engineered by Aurelio Lampredi. The latter was better known for designing the monster V12 Ferrari engines that not only won Maranello its first Le Mans as 
a factory team but vanquished the hitherto unbeatable Alfa Romeo F1 team. The 500 may have been small, but its pedigree oozed out of its every aperture.

The car measures just 9 feet 9 inches, has a miniscule wheelbase whichever way you look at it and looks even smaller on the inside, but with the need of small city cars this really fit the bill and popular for the Italian market. A car that would become a style icon and still is after 45 years later with the modern 500.

In the rear is a spritely little 499cc 2-cylinder engine pushing out about 13bhp, now this sounds like not a lot, but the car was designed for short journeys around cities so there never really was a need for more power. Cars came fitted with a 4-speed manual gearbox but im not sure that 4th was ever needed. One great note in the engine bay situates a switch to an alarm, we believe from the owner the alarm works.

The car has literally been gone over inside an out, the current owner has ensured all parts that have been fitted or re-fitted were original to the 500N to keep its originality. This model also features a fabric roof, foldable to the rear of the vehicle, like that of a Citroen 2CV— rather than the later roof design, which only folds half way back along the roof.

The interior is very presentable and simple. The dainty seats are in good order with a coffee split leatherette finish. Everything works and intact.

The dash is in excellent condition, with no frills just one Speedo, ashtray and the striking orange plastic addon to the 4 switches that matches the doorcards and the sporty leather trimmed steering wheel. The 28404 km mileage on the car is original. Check the brass Italian coat of arms- Providentiae Memor on the top of the Speedo pod.

Crazy to think such a little car comes with rear seats as the earlier cars didn’t.

There is a boot space at the front, amongst the array of bits, the fuel tank, the original jack, spare wheel plus a surviving original Fiat tool kit. The Nuova model, manufactured from 1957 to 1960, is becoming highly collectable and, in recent times, prices have risen to match their desirability. This example provides everything one would desire, performance, comfort and looks and is offered with an estimate that not only is very desirable for this model, but also provides the purchaser the potential to acquire one of the good example at a very reasonable price.




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