The Porsche 987 was the internal name for the 2nd generation Porsche Boxster. This version first launched in 2004 at the Paris Motor Show and remained in the showrooms until 2012. In 2007 the Cayman joined the line-up and utilised the platform, including much of the body and lights. After 8 years experience of the earlier 986 the 987 had the looks and handling that customers wanted, and the interior had improved quality and similar looks to the 997 (911). The balance of the car was just as before with a great mid-engine feel. The 987 is a good driving car and easy to handle as a daily driver, if required.

At the time Porsche claimed that 80% of the car was new, compared to the 986 version. The lights are similar to those which appeared on the Carrera GT ‘dream car’. The wheel arches are larger than a 986, in order to accommodate suitably larger wheel and tyre combinations up to 19”.

This car has the 17" Boxster II wheels. The 17” wheels on this car were always the better option for road use. The paintwork is Porsche Artic Silver Metallic. The build quality and paint on a Boxster is excellent.

The base engine is a 2.7 236BHP flat 6, which has a power increase from the 986 Boxster. Although a few of the earliest 2.7-litre models had a five-speed gearbox, most manual 987 Boxsters have six gears. Both are extremely slick and enjoyable to use. The Boxster now requiring a mere 6.2 seconds for the standard sprint from 0 – 60 mph and achieving a top speed of 159 mph. The engine is chain driven, so no cambelt to worry about.

The interior has a more circular theme to the design and plastics look improved from the 986. A more drivers focused speced car, as they say less is more in Porsche terms, with the less fussy simple CDR24 radio with CD player with no Satellite Navigation but the comfort of optional heated seats for those cold crisp days with the hood down. PSM (Porsche Stability Management) is also included. Slight little wear to the temperature and blower control buttons (easy replaceable).

The seats on the 987 are excellent and comfortable without the need for the sports seat option, which we find restricting especially on the shoulders. The materials are of premium quality and the whole cabin appears classier and less prone to feeling outdated. This car has the optional heated seats and appears to have worn well and in good condition.

It's not unusual to find a high-mileage car for sale; older examples with over 100,000 miles showing are fairly common, because Boxsters are such usable machines. In fact, a high-mileage car with a good maintenance history can make a sensible buy.

The Boxster has always been a sporty 2 seater.

The luggage areas are as ample as before and offer a great drive towards that weekend away.




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