Here at NP we are always on the hunt for something interesting and we think we’ve found something here. This is a 1973 MK1 Ford Granada GXL a model found only in South Africa. One thing to note about this car is that it is painted Raven Black from factory, something that wasn’t an option on your usual Granada anywhere, that’s because this car was built by Ford Special Vehicle Operations. Take a look at the Ford sticker on the slam panel showing SVO Order No.4045 

For all Ford enthusiasts, January 2 1975 remains one of the most important dates. The first episode of The Sweeney was transmitted and after that British television would never be the same again. Forever afterwards, the Ford Granada would be associated with flared trousers, lots of shouting of “Guv’nor” and the pursuit of gangs of hoods in their moth-eaten S-type Jaguars. 

Most episodes concluded with a chase through the mean streets of Putney or a shoot-out at Battersea Imperial gasworks. Certainly made this car’s future cult classic status.  

The Ford Granada was built as the luxury saloon in the 1970’s this being one of the early Granada’s being a 1973 L reg. Launched in March 1972, the Granada succeeded the British Ford Zephyr, and the German P7-series as Ford's European executive offering, and completed the integration of Ford's British and German model ranges. Ford’s engineering director Alan Aitken boasted that its new executive saloon would be ‘as happy on an Italian autostrada as in the London rush hour’. The car soon became popular for taxi , fleet, and police use.

From the rear the boxy angular shape is replaced with a more stylish looking rear end. The early (1972–73) coupé had slightly different sheet metal - a more pronounced Coke bottle styling. The roofline of the four-door sedan was heavily influenced by Mercedes-Benz.

The Detroit-influenced styling proved an immediate hit with buyers, distrupting the large saloon fleet market hitherto dominated by BMC’s Rover and Triumph in the way the curvy mark 3 Cortina had a rung down the executive ladder. The car was available as a four-door saloon , a five-door estate, and a two-door fastback coupe. The flagship Granada (shared with both its European counterpart and the Mercury Monarch). Externally distinguished by a vinyl roof, the Ghia features an upgraded interior; with either cloth or leather seats offered as options, along with a wood-trimmed dashboard.

All Granada’s at the time came with a 3.0litre V6 with either an auto or manual gearbox, this vehicle has a 3-speed auto. It has covered 49630 miles in its lifetime which works out around 1100 miles a year, by modern day standards the car is barely ran in.

The interior on the car is original and period correct, in a light beautiful plum colour with a great contrasting teak wood finish and silver trim highlights. We are so glad the owner kept the original interior, its aged well with your usual original sagging cloth and worn through cloth on passenger seat. The seats are covered in a cloth that can no longer be found or replicated so it would be upto the next owner if this is kept or changed. The Granada received more expensive and luxurious interior refinements and was more comprehensively equipped. It was also the first European Ford production car to carry the Turin coachbuilders luxury specification. Extra sound deadening material was built into the Granada providing even greater insulation from extraneous noise.

The driver’s seat has seen its 40 odd years’ service but remains in pretty good condition never the less.

The dash is in very good order with no cracks just laquer peel wear from sunlight and heat but overhall in excellent condition. Instrumentation included a rev counter, oil pressure gauge and ammeter in addition to the standard instrumentation. A larger central console incorporated a glove compartment with padded lid and rear passengers had their own ventilation system. The 'GXL' incorporated many additional refinements - including tinted glass throughout and a steel sliding sunroof. The dashboard contained an open shelf on the passenger side with a lockable glove box underneath - the whole dashboard, instrument panel and bulkhead area ahead of the driver and passenger being cushioned for safety.

The rear seat is in good condition it might be that you chose to replace the padding underneath to make it a little firmer.

The boot is very spacious, where you will also find the spare wheel and tools. We are not sure if this would have been carpeted. These cars was also converted into limousine and hearse versions by the British companies Coleman Milne and Woodall Nicholson.




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  • 49630 Miles
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  • RWD
  • Automatic
  • 160
  • Right
  • 2019-02-01
  • British

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