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The Ariel Atom is a road legal high-performance sports car produced by the Ariel Motor Company in Somerset. There have been eight different incarnations of the Atom. This car is an Ariel Atom 3.5. When the model was unveiled, the car astounded the press due to its visible chassis or exoskeleton. The car had no roof, no windows and only a small optional windscreen which was more of a fly screen for a motorbike.

The Atom actually began as a student project at Coventry University in 1996, and was known as the Lightweight Sports Car and was described by the senior lecturer of the car design department, as "The best all-round design student I've ever seen." The car was first shown publicly at the British International Motor Show at the NEC in Birmingham in October 1996.

It really is like nothing else you’ll drive. This is single seater technology made usable and affordable. Adjustment for ride height, for toe, for camber, to quickly set the car up for driver or track. Or simply leave it where it is and enjoy it. Race car dynamics, reliable driveability. Despite running the same lightly treaded Yokohama A048 tyres as the road cars. Ariel claimed that the Cup was sharper and more exciting than a road-going version.

This Atom Cup, is based on an Atom 245 and features the same 2-litre (1998cc) four-cylinder Honda K20Z engine with 245bhp and 165lb ft. There’s been lots of detailed development by the factory, to transform the road-going Atom into a race car. The engine and transmission are in excellent condition. It has had regular oil changes during ownership. Quicker than many a Ferrari, more lateral G than a Porsche GT3. Giant killing performance for a fraction of the price. This is race car territory, but obtainable and reliable. Jeremy Clarkson said, “I have never, ever driven anything that accelerates so fast.” The near-unburstable drivetrain is sealed in seven places to prevent cheating, as are the dampers and ECU. Kerb weight is unchanged at 550kg.

‘Inside Line’ magazine noted that "anyone who has driven a selection of Lotus-tuned cars, such as the Lotus Elise, the Aston Martin Vanquish and the Opel Speedster, will notice a common feel or signature, and it's replicated in the Atom."

Settle into the ergonomically moulded composite seat and the tubular chassis surrounds you. There are alloy adjustable pedals, and a four point harness. There is protection, space, even for the larger driver, and torsional strength.

The chassis tubing is identical to the road going version, but with MSA-approved items added. There are two sets of wheels supplied with the car. When driving an Atom Cup there’s so much more accuracy to the way the car responds to steering inputs thanks to the much stiffer and track-optimised suspension. Suddenly the always-playful Atom feels very serious.

The design is all about the engineering over the design and aesthetics. The car was bronze and TIG welded by hand at the factory, then phosphated and powder coated. The drag co-efficient was a reasonable 0.40. What bodywork there is, is in good condition. No rust

The suspension features longer wishbones to allow greater camber adjustment. Within a short distance you’re hit by the turn-in response, the greater resistance to understeer and just how early the rear tyres will take all the torque you can throw at them. Ariel really delivered on its promise of higher limits and a more neutral balance with the race version. Evo magazine said, “The superb drivetrain similarly gives you options – use the abundant torque, or wring it out for every rev.”




  • #300
  • AA12H20ACLNRAM926
  • Runcorn
  • Ariel
  • Atom
  • 10000 Miles
  • 2394cc
  • RWD
  • Manual
  • 240
  • Right
  • 2019-02-01
  • British


United Kingdom

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