Here at Norman’s Pond we are happy to present a timeless modern Porsche classic, a model that is overlooked and underrated too!! A 1992 Porsche 968 3.0 Coupe Auto-Tiptronic in Silver Metallic in light cream interior. The Porsche 968 was manufactured from 1992 to 1995. It was the final evolution of a series of water-cooled front-engine rear wheel drive (transaxel) models begun almost 20 years earlier with the 924, taking over the entry-level position in the company lineup from the 944 with which it shared about 20% of its parts. The 968 was Porsche's last new front-engined vehicle before the introduction of the Cayenne SUV in 2003. This Porsche 968 has undergone a few slight (reversible) changes into a tasteful show car today. It looks unusual to see 968 in this specification, the detail and expense spare on this car is second to non. The usual 968 update with uprating modifications such as the tired factory suspension, the rare if not pricey 3 piece split rim wheels (period correct) with the enhanced front lip spoiler and air ducts found on the flagship 968 turbo. She is a well travelled and Porsche maintained 173,000 miles, honest and well cared for car with the usual patina.

The Porsche 968 remember was the less desirable model over shadowed by the 911 model, but what people really didn’t know was how good the transaxel cars were in looks and driving experience. The 944/968 shape still looks just as modern if not fitting to todays modern cars. Just think how far ahead Porsche was in terms of design. No wonder the thought of the transaxel -924/944/928 and 968 was on the books to replace the 911 model.

Look at the smooth minimal look of the rear, one huge polyurethane panel incorporated flush-mounted taillamp clusters, with the “Porsche” name molded in between, a design that Harm Lagaay ( Dutch designer of the 924) designed with one smooth silhouette shape with no overhanging bumpers. The 924 shape continues through to the 944,928, 968 and now morphed its way to the Panamera and new Porsche 911-992.

Under the bonnet you will find the same 944 S2 motor all be it modernised for the 968 with new variable valve timing to improve power, torque and fuel economy and most of all the drivability. The 3.0-litre four-cylinder engine received lighter pistons and con-rods, as well as the addition of VarioCam variable valve timing. All of this freed up 240hp from big four-cylinder, it drives through a four-speed Tiptronic auto that sprint to 7.9 seconds and a top speed was 153mph, compared to the manual's 156mph. So marginal when you compare a manual and Auto 968. The car has covered some miles so far and it is a testament to how well this car has been built, its durability, and robust these 968 have lasted but most important the car has been looked after by its previous owners. A higher mile car has its advantages over a low mileage car. (seals don’t dry out, regular servicing and old parts replaced on high milers) This car also has the vario-cam as mentioned, recently inspected with flying colours. This is all driven through a tiptronic gearbox, it’s no manual but it can still be used like one. Oh, without the left foot ache! The other advantages of Tiptronic 968s is you can be guaranteed these cars are never tracked or made into track cars during its life like a lot of the manual 968s. The 968 is blessed with predictable handling, thanks to the nearly 50-50 weight distribution that results from its front engine/rear transaxle design, and is not difficult to drive fast. The 240hp, DOHC four offered the most torque per liter of any normally aspirated four of its day, with seamless power delivery that can still make enthusiasts grin like fools.

A very classic Porsche interior of light cream certainly brightens the cabin with flashes of greys and black tones in the right areas. Just a note, the current owner had prepared this car to go on a European trip not long ago, ensuring the A/C was re-gassed. Unfortunately, due sudden work commitments the trip never happen. Another nice little touch is the auto-dimming rear view mirror along with the modernised radio which also gives you Sat-Nav, USB and Bluetooth connection. Recap on luxury options include:- Tiptronic Automatic Gear Box, Air conditioning / Climate control, Light Cream electric Sports Seats, Electric Sunroof, Rear Boot Spoiler, Rear Window Wiper, Alloy Wheels (recently refurbed) with new Pirelli P Zero tyres (6 miles ago).

You would think 173,000 miles take its toll on the leather seats, surprising the original seats has worn well and hasn’t really lost any of its colour, again another testament to how well the car has been looked after and used.

The dash is much the same as a 944's, so it's clear and easy to read. All of the buttons work and in good order. The updated Porsche 996 model steering wheel is a subtle nice touch which looks in-keeping with the classic car (another common swap/mod. many people choose Momo, Clubsport, RS steering wheels) . Please note, the owner has all original bits included in the sale so that the car can be returned to standard.

The 968 Coupe is classed as a four-seater, but the rear seats are cramped even for small children, so best to look on this as additional storage space.

The engine up front means more boot space. The boot is surprisingly big, if quite shallow, but the rear seats tumble forwards to make more room, the gas struts have been replaced on both front and back so now when the boot switch is pressed the tailgate opens automatically and the bonnet is the same once the safety is disengaged (not many 968’s do that) Supplied with Main Remote Key and Spare, along with all Service / Vehicle Handbooks all neatly Supplied with the Original Porsche Wallet, and with a History File Containing a Full Auto-Data Report to confirm the vehicle has no adverse information recorded against the following registers: Stolen, High Risk, Finance, ABI Condition Alert, Scrapped, Plate Change, Export Data, Import Data, Extra Data. Private plate will be removed on purchase and it will go back to its original which has 968 in the digits. Feel free to ask any member of Norman’s Pond team for more questions if not a view of the car. You will not be disappointed by the looks and the drive of the car!! Certainly, a lot of car for the money and appreciating classic too




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