Lets go back in time to the year 1990. Were you the young teenager scouring through the car magazines at the time or was you the hip and trendy owner to one of these hot hatches - Peugeot 205 GTI, Mk2 Golf GTI or maybe a Fiat Uno Turbo?  Well, nostalgia plays a huge part in todays hot hatch craze, especially the modern classic car market.

Do you remember the Renault 5 GT Turbo? Well, we have a special limited edition 1990 1.4L Renault 5 GT Turbo Raider here at Norman’s Pond. 

If you do not know what a Renault 5 is, its a four passenger, three or five-door, front-engine, front wheel drive compact hatchback supermini French manufactured and marketed by Renault. 

The 5 GT Turbo was launched in 1985, bringing some excitement to the otherwise functional and workmanlike second-generation Renault 5 range. The brand new 5 might have been little more than an ’80s remix of the 1970s original – the rehasher responsible being Lamborghini Countach designer Marcello Gandini – but the Turbo’s wide-grilled bumpers, thick arch extensions and ever-so-French yellow front foglights gave it a certain chunky presence. It even had fake cooling slats ahead of the rear wheels as a cute tribute to its mid-engined forebear.

The Raider name first appeared on a special edition of the 5 GT Turbo back in 1990, and unlike the Gordini editions it holds no great significance to Renault’s history. In fact, the 5 GT Turbo Raider was originally called the Alain Oreaille Edition in Europe, to commemorate the rally driver’s French rally championship win. The Raider name was only added when it became clear UK buyers had no idea who Oreaille was.

This Renault 5 is not any ordinary Raider. If you ever owned one of these cars, visited the shows, circled around the owners club network you will know this car is special. This was the demonstrator and show car to Samco and K-Tec racing till late year 2000. Since then, she has been cherished and locked away and still remains immaculate as the day she was shown to the public.

As a show case car, a staggering amount of money was spent on the car with the slight modifications with build treads enthusiasts drooled over. Please take a look at the list below of overhauled and uprated parts then you will realise this is no cheap, ordinary old Renault 5.



So what sets the Raider apart from the rest of the Renault 5’s is the metallic- Sport Blue Paint Code: 449 known to others as Raider Blue and the colour coded small 13” wheels. As a demo car, larger brakes were uprated together with the 15” OZ Racing wheels. A credit to the present owner, the car was taken out of the limelight and kept immaculate in his garage. Throughout the years she has been cherished, if you look carefully there is not a mark, swirled or blemished on the paint (we can be the judge of this as we have experience with marking concours cars at shows). To mark this the car has been totally overhaul between 2005-2012 with only 2000 miles covered in 7-years with the occasional win at the concours shows.

The Renault 5 was styled by Michel Boué, who designed the car in his spare time, outside of his normal duties. When Renault executives learned of Boué's work, they were so impressed by his concept they immediately authorized a formal development programme. The R5 featured a steeply sloping rear hatchback and front dashboard. Boué had wanted the tail-lights to go all the way up from the bumper into the C-pillar, in the fashion of the much later Fiat Punto and Volvo 850 estate / wagon, but the lights remained at a more conventional level. From the rear the car looks tiny compared to more modern cars of today, these less than subtle tweaks combined with the uprated and lowered suspension seems to sit lower than standard but really it’s the same compensated by the larger 15” wheels, tucked into the arches not to worry as there is no rubbing or loss of ride comfort. Looks utterly fantastic!

One of the joys of the 5GT Turbo was that Renault was far from backwards in pushing it forward visually. So, as was the norm in the hot hatchback market, it was treated to a chunky body kit, wheelarch extensions and front and rear spoilers. And of course, those obligatory yellow front foglights we mentioned earlier. 

In 1987, the facelifted Phase II was launched. Major changes in the Phase II version included installing water cooling to the turbocharger, aiding the Phase I's oil-cooled setup, which extended the life of the turbo. It also received a new ignition system which permitted it to rev 500 rpm higher. These changes boosted engine output up to over 120 PS (88 kW; 118 hp). Externally, the car was revamped, with changes (including new bumpers and arches) that reduced the car's drag coefficient from 0.36 to 0.35. Giving the Phase II a 0-100 km/h time of 7.5 secs. In 1989 the GT Turbo received a new interior, and in 1990 the special edition Raider model (available only in metallic blue, with different interior and wheels) was launched.  Later years the engine was fully rebuilt in 2012 by K-Tec and fully documented. K-Tec kept the roots of the car with carburettor (recently stripped cleaned and rebuilt) and updated to fuel injection with ECU. Recent dyno print of around 165bhp, in a car weighing under 900kg is certainly no slouch for this pocket rocket.  As Hammond from Top Gear states ‘Underway, it still goes like stink and the turbo is always letting you know it’s there, whistling and whooshing away, lifting the car’s little square nose and thrusting you into a corner. It’s like having a noisy, disruptive child in class who’s also really bright; sometimes inspirational and sometimes just bloody irritating. But always appealing.’

Originally in 1989 the GT Turbo received a new fabric interior with bold new graphics were applied to the flanks of the seats in grey and blue. Whilst at K-Tec the car received a plush full leather re trim with textured fabric centres and blue stitching.

As mentioned the seats have been re-trimmed as a showcar, still retaining the angular bolsters and all in good order. A very typical 90’s sports seat.

The interior is quirky and different, the plastic buttons clearly the subject of much design and thought, despite their plain, straight-edged look. As mentioned the dash remains totally standard with a subtle 3 gauge bar, these are the important gauges for oil temp, pressure and battery. 

The rear seats match the front, a long time since we’ve seen seat belts without the inertia reel from the pillars, these items simply clip around your waist.

Small boot space with 2 conservative speaker install at the back of the parcel shelf.  In late 1991 the Renault 5 GT Turbo was discontinued, superseded by the Clio 16V and the Clio Williams. Since then the Raider has become an iconic model in the Renault history of superminis for its shape, blue colourway and the performance. Please remember the visual appearance to the car can be easily returned back to standard and original, such as the larger brakes and wheels or possibly the all new stainless full exhaust system. Take a look at the car, why would you on ex. demo/show car? As a whole she is an excellent example of a Renault 5 GT, and as a limited edition Raider she is very scarce. Values are on the rise and drivers are wanting to relive their 1990s aspirations all over again or for the first time. This example is described as taut with no rattles. The car is HPI checked and is clear from accidents. Please contact us on to arrange viewing. Here are the work carried (value in parts and labour!):- The engine rebuilt by a caterham specialist - who replaced numerous parts including: pistons and liners Oil pump overhaul Crank thrust washer New timing chain Timing chain tensioner uprated valve stem oil seals Uprated valve spring set KTR Uprated head gasket KTR high Tensile head bolt set KTR Bottom end gasket set KTR Sump seal kit KTR180 Hybrid Turbo KTR high pressure fuel pump KTR metal fuel filter Stainless 2 1/2" downpipe Pro-Alloy Header Tank Scorpion full exhaust system KTR alloy carb lobster top Mocal oil cooler Braided turbo oil feed hose Refurbished inlet manifold Adjustable cam sprocket Forge dump valve RMD double capacity alloy intercooler KTR alloy Turbo heat shield New engine wiring loom Chrome engine lifting eye Chrome cylinder head plate Chrome alternator fixing bracket Chrome cam chain cover Chrome lower pulley Chrome Alternator arm KTR high power blue plug leads KTR short shift kit - Black billet gear knob New engine mounts throughout  full set of Avo Sports Evolution GT Tuning spec coil overs,  285mm GT Tuning drilled front discs as well as matching GT Tuning drilled rear discs along with GT  braided hoses throughout. The car is also fully poly bushed - wishbones, strut mounts, etc, has new track rods,  Exhaust manifold - now stainless version GT Turbo spares re-engineered carburettor Uprated inlet/exhaust Manifold gasket Stainless steel Turbo gaskets Air filter - now ITG Maxogen open filter Pro-Speed exhausts stainless Back box with 3" outward rolled tailpipe All brackets/mounts either chromed or powder coated gloss black Full new set of Blue Samco hoses - coolant, aux and turbo Full set JCS high grip marine grade stainless hose clips Silver hose clamp finishers for header tank hoses Mikalor heavy duty hose clamps for boost hoses TPI polorised Racing wheel bolts x 16 Chrome rocker cover Polished water swirl pot Polished oil breather pot GT Tuning top water hose polished pipe Polished horn pump Polished oil cap Carried out Cup-mod to turbo/carb




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